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Alex writes...

In response to the Internet-response commentary, aren't we missing the main point: why ISN'T there a "Justice League Babies"? And who would be the nanny on the Watchnursery?

Greg responds...

I'm not kidding when I say that that could be an HILARIOUS series. A lot of fun. As long as no one took it too seriously, and everyone watched it in the spirit of silliness that it would obviously inspire.

As to the Nanny... my initial reaction was Red Tornado, but I think he's more fun as one of the babies. So I'll nominate a few other options:

Jay Garrick
Alan Scott
The Wizard Shazam
Uncle Dudley
Ma Hunkel
Mr. Tawny

I can think of a few others, but none as good as the above list.

Response recorded on September 17, 2010