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Suss2it writes...

I have a few questions about Young Justice.

1. How many episodes has Peter David wrote?
2. Who else will be writing for the show? Will Geof Johns write any episodes?
3. And finally who are the main directors for the show?

Greg responds...

1. He'll have written two episodes by the end of Season One.

2. I've answered this already. See the archives.

2a. Geoff has not written any scripts this season. (The guy is a tad busy.) But he's been involved in and contributed to many creative discussions of the series.

3. The main directors under Brandon Vietti are Jay Oliva (11 episodes) and Michael Chang (10). The other episodes are being guest directed by Sam Lieu (1), Chris Berkeley (2), Matt Youngberg (1) and my ol' buddy Victor Cook (1).

Response recorded on September 17, 2010