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KW Keller writes...

Pendragon questions:

1. Many stories give the name of the Lady of the Lake to be either Nimue or Viviane. Now, since you said that Nimue is separate from the Lady of the Lake in the Gargoyles Universe, is Viviane the Lady of the Lake or a separate person?

2. In the Gargoyles Universe, did the Lady of the Lake raise Lancelot?

3. Would you have incorporated some of the old Welsh tales of Arthur, such as the Arthur assisting his relative Kilhwch in trying to win the hand of Olwen (I ask this because one of the tasks, the raid on Caer Sidi, contains the Cauldron of Annwfn, which may be a precursor to the Grail)?

4. Would the bard Taliesin have played a role in it?

5. In your version of the story of Arthur, was Excalibur the Sword in the Stone, or was it the replacement sword he recieved from the Lady of the Lake?

Greg responds...

1. Viviane is an alternate name to Nimue. In MOST Arthurian stories, Nimue/Viviane is a separate character from the Lady in the Lake. I've kept it that way.

2. No. Though they may have had something to do with each other.

3. Not familiar with those, but eventually, who knows? Wanted to account for everything eventually.

4. Eventually.

5. Both.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000