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Anonymous writes...

I have three questions for you about Young Justice. No I don't want any spoilers. I wanted to know about the creative process about it. So here are my three questions.

1.Since you were allowed such great amount of character to use from DC Universe. How did you decide which ones to choose? What was the process for that?
2. How do you come up with oringal story lines while still keeping true to the comic book character's mythos?
3. It has been said there will be romance in Young Justice since we're seeing teenagers. How do you decide who is going to like who in the show?

If by answering these questions might lead to spoilers then please don't answer them. I do want to see the surpises that are to come. But I'm really curious how writers decide these for a show based on comics.

Greg responds...

1. It's a VERY fair process question... but there's no way for me to answer it AT THIS TIME without SPOILERS, beyond the general, which I've already done (check the ASK GREG Young Justice archive). Feel free to resubmit the question after, say a half dozen or so episodes have aired.

2. Uh... practice?

(Seriously, we try to internalize the characters as much as possible and, in effect, ask THEM what they'd do next.)

3. Some things feel right. Again, I'd be happy to go into much more detail AFTER the episodes have aired than now.

Response recorded on September 27, 2010