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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

I'll have to ask this question again after Young Justice premiers because obviously a complete answer would include spoilers, but are there any DC characters you wanted to use but couldn't because they just didn't fit into the universe you were creating? I think you mentioned your old character, Captain Atom, in a previous post as an example.

I'd imagine there would be a lot of characters you couldn't use because their essence is too tied up with them being third, or even forth generation characters. ie. How can you have Tim or Bart in a world premiering Dick and Wally? Or perhaps characters that could appear on their own, but they are too tied to legacy characters to feel whole without those attachments. Any examples like that. Or perhaps other, even silly reasons; maybe an iconic weapon animates badly, or an accent or action that is fine in comics is hoaky on screen? Or maybe someones back story would be necessary, but too long for a guest appearance?

If there are characters like that, which (among the none spoiler ones), bugs you the most not to be able to play with?

Greg responds...

Captain Atom is in the series. What I said is that he doesn't have a major role. That the sentimental side of me kept trying to give him a bigger role, but he just didn't have a connection to any of the leads, so it never worked out.

The idea of characters not "fitting into our universe" doesn't really enter into it. The fact is we're a kind of adaptation, and any character we DO choose to include is adapted to fit into our universe, while still maintaining the elements that we feel are essential to said character.

We always make choices, but again, it's premature to discuss those choices.

Response recorded on September 28, 2010