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Ashton writes...

Hey Greg,

Will you be posting an update on the statistics of Young Justice episodes as you did before? I also was wondering if you were going to post the reel or trailer of Young Justice that you showed a comiccon after the Batman Brave and the Bold Panel, because in an interview you showed the guy on your iphone and it showed a few villains in it, So that's why I was wondering will you be releasing that on to youtube? Will this show be similar to Batman Under the Red Hood since you mentioned there would be deaths of main and supporting characters? Will Victor crook be caliborating with Brandon Vietti on the show with the animation and fight sequences? Will you be providing your voice to a character in the series? Did Brandon, Phil and you enjoy creating and coming up with Jackson Hyde? Since you yourself have already created a full on tv show aka Gargoyles from scratch. I'm sure it was a overwhelming challenge at first when you were asked to basicly create a whole universe in the DC Universe what did you guys even begin with?. I truely love what you guys did in creating this new Aqualad, the thing that's intriguing is his background, it's like a mixture of a heroes/lost tv episode, very mysterious and addictive which keeps you following him in Brightest Day of course, But even the way you guys brought him into the DC Universe by introducing him to comic and cartoon fans at the same time such as what Bruce Timm did with the character Harley Quinn launching the character into both medias, I'm especially excited for this New Aqualad because I'm a fan of mainly anything involving the ocean and it's hidden depths, and now you guys have Aqualad as the leader of a team that has Robin and Superboy on it all I can say is PURE AWESOMNESS!!! even if he may only be the leader for a time being. So how much input did Phil Bourassa have on the Aqualad character, did he create the characters full design or did you and Brandon say this is how his costume and powers should look and this is how his face should look? Also will he be the exact same character in the comics, but just a different appearance? I'm greatly inspired by you, Brandon, and Phil's work and I hope this show will be another success for you guys that can add to your belt, I hope this show stays on air as long as possible so you guys can keep getting paid so thank you for your hard work.

Greg responds...

In the future, it would be really, REALLY helpful if you would (a) number your questions and (2) not present them in single paragraph form.

1. I'll try to do the statistics update periodically.

2. I have no means of posting a trailer.

3. You're misquoting me, for starters. But as for Red Hood, it's a different adaptation. We're neither trying nor not trying to be "similar" to Red Hood.

4. Vic Cook is a guest director on one episode of YJ. So of course, he'll collaborating with Brandon and myself on that episode.

5. I am providing the voice for one character on the series.

6. Phil, Brandon and I enjoyed coming up with our new Aqualad character. But his name isn't Jackson Hyde.

7. I wouldn't call it an "overwhelming challenge" though it was certainly a challenge... but one that an old comic book geek like me relished. As I've said many times before, Brandon and I began with lists of teenage characters and a basic mindset about what we did and didn't want the series to be, so that we weren't simply rehashing the great work done on Teen Titans or Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.

8. Phil absolutely created the design, but Brandon and I and Sam Register all talked to him about the basics and gave notes on the various iterations leading up to the final product.

9. I don't know how to define "exact same character" for you. There are going to be some differences. Some minor, some more significant. But the fundamentals are the same. Parallel versions in multiverse terms.

10. Thank you.

Response recorded on September 28, 2010