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Ashton writes...

Hey Greg,

Did you guys actually post acting auditions for the parts of Young Justice in the newspaper or did you guys already know who you wanted? I know you cant and trust me I don't want you to spoil the show before it even starts, So will this show be dealing with anyting supernatural and magic or will it be completely grounded and confined to realism? Now this question I about to ask you is from a image I saw on the wall in the Behind the Scenes Young Justice interview in the background show Aqualad holding up The Joker while jokers trading cards are falling out of his hands, it was called Graduation Day or Final Exam. Anyways was that Joker if you cant answer that then okay cool. I'm totally fine with that, now did you, Brandon and Phil consult with Geoff on Aqualad's powerlimit and have you read any of the Brightest Day with Aqualad init? If so did you guys and Geoff say what would happen in the issue with the character? Because in issue #10 Aqualad's abilities are seen and he blows Black Manta back a couple times displaying that he's very powerful and there was a chest shown that was given to Aqualad's adoptive parents by Mera. Now I know you can't and won't spoil anyting, but will is power limits and parents be explored in the show? or Will his origin only be seen in the comics?

Greg responds...

1. Neither.

2. It covers the depth and breadth of the DC Universe.

3. That was Joker, but that was also development material not production material. I'm neither confirming or denying Joker's appearance in the series.

4. Geoff came to us to discuss our Aqualad, and we laid out how we were using him, including how his powers work in the series. Geoff came up with some great ideas for the character as well.

5. I have read some of Brightest Day with Aqualad.

6. Geoff ran with Aqualad. We were happy to have him pick our brains, but Brightest Day is his baby.

7. No comment.

Response recorded on September 28, 2010