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Todd Jensen writes...

You've mentioned that the Magus and Archmage both came across, at least initially, as conventional fantasy wizards. Their character designs certainly looked the part: the long flowing robes, the Archmage's long grey beard, etc. - the younger Magus, in the 994 scenes, struck me as looking a bit like an elvish wizard from "Dungeons and Dragons" style art (except, of course, that he's human).

When Brother Valmont entered "Gargoyles" in Brooklyn's first TimeDancer adventure, he looked quite different from these. He had no beard or hair at all, and wore a tunic and breeches rather than a robe. Did you intend his character design to differ from the "conventional fantasy wizard" look that the Archmage and the Magus both sported, to make him more original-looking?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I was thinking either. The bald wizard is easily as much of a cliche as the others you've mentioned.

Mostly, I was thinking "monk-gone-bad".

Response recorded on October 14, 2010