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Anonymous writes...

So sorry if you've answered this, but I just had a question. Black Canary is going to be on the show, correct?

Wikipedia says something about her playing a sizable role on the show, but the article it references for the statement is a 15 minute long interview with you, so I haven't heard the whole thing.

So will Black Canary have a speaking role, or will she be just one of the wallpaper heroes you mentioned, like Captain Atom?

Greg responds...

I don't believe I ever used the phrase "wallpaper heroes" even for Captain Atom.

And I have to say, the fact that you don't have the patience to listen to a fifteen minute interview, but have no problem taking time out of my day to answer a question you could easily find the answer to by EITHER finishing the interview or checking the ASK GREG archives makes me half inclined to blow off your question entirely.

But the answer is easy, so...

Yes - as has been stated many times and in many places -- Black Canary has a significant (speaking) role in the series, as she is responsible for the Team's training and also acts as a something of a councillor to them.

Now, if someone wonders why it takes me so long to get through the backlog of questions here at ASK GREG, I can point to this as one of the reasons...

Response recorded on October 22, 2010