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Hope writes...

I am one of those fans that doesn't get involved in 'fan' movements or sites, but I really want to see the vol 2 dvd come out. I know many fans are closet fans or, like myself, just don't have time or motivation to act on their love of the show, so I think it would take a lot to get word out. I do have one suggestion/question. If there were a convention of some sort or gathering of fans, I think they should have some sort of 'activity' of writing a letter to disney to release the vol 2 dvd set. People leading the rally would support/walk the fans through the process of writing a letter (providing the right place to send it and a loose outline of what to say) and everyone could send their letter in soon after. If there was that much of a concentrated request from fans to disney about the dvds, then I think it would at least help them to look into it if they got so many letters from fans at once, which may lay the path for more letters later on too and then disney must do SOMETHING. They already have vol 1 out and as long as they think they'd make money (that's the challenge, making them see how it will be profitable), then they wouldn't have much trouble putting it out there. Would something like that be possible?
*Also, for fans, widening the fan base by exposing friends and family to this relatively unknown but vastly epic series is always a good way to take some baby steps.

Greg responds...

Hey Hope,

None of these are particularly original ideas, I'm afraid. The Gathering is over for the foreseeable future, and I can't imagine any of us could put together a letter writing campaign massive enough to budge Disney off their current mindset that the DVDs didn't sell well enough to justify another release.

I don't want to seem negative, however, and as I've said for YEARS now, the best thing the fans can do is SPREAD THE WORD, exposing friends and family to the show and reminding "closet fans" of its existence.

Response recorded on November 02, 2010