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Bill writes...

Hey Greg. Big fan of your work. Super-excite about the upcoming JOUNG JUSTICE series. I also run the titanstower.com site so I hope some of my info has been useful in researching characters. I recently attended your panel at the NYCC and had a few (hopefully non-spoilery) questions.

1-- You and Brandon referred to Aqualad by his civilian/given name, which sounded like "Calderon" or "Calder" for short. Is that the correct spelling? Can you clarify his name?

2-- You mentioned a desire to use Captain Atom. Have you considered a story around Bombshell from the Teen Titans? She's connected to Captain Atom by power source and through some government ties.

3-- You mentioned pulling from different eras of YOUNG JUSTICE and TEEN TITANS of the 60s, 70s and the NEW TEEN TITANS of the 80s. Is this more in just building the characters? Or do you plan to adapt some of the comic stories into animated form (for example, as the TT series adapted "Judas Contract")?

thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. Kaldur'ahm. Kaldur for short.

2. Bombshell was on our master list, but if she enters the story it won't be in the first season.

3. Without getting into specifics, we are adapting some existing stories and coming up with new ones.

Response recorded on November 10, 2010