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Red writes...

You and Brandon Vietti have said a couple times at conventions that since Miss. Martian is 16 Martian years old that means she is about 48 years old in Earth years (or older). Now, is this really her Earth age that will be used in the show or is this just you guys describing her age as generally being much older than the other kids because of the Martian time difference?

If the former, using the real year difference of Mars and Earth, she would have to be 25 Martian years old in order to be 48 in Earth years and the real equivalent of 16 Martian years is about 30 Earth years. Unless for some reason the Mars in this universe is slightly farther away than our Mars.

Everything on the show so far seems so well thought out, I want to believe you guys didn't over look a seemingly important detail like this.

Greg responds...

Your confusing astronomy with biology.

Martians age approximately three times slower than Earth humans do.

Miss Martian is 48 Earth years old, i.e. although she was born on Mars, the date on Earth at the time of her birth was 48 years ago.

I haven't done the math to equate that to the Martian Astronomical Year, i.e to figure out the amount of revolutions Mars has taken around the Sun since she was born.

But that's not the point. The point is that biologically, she's the equivalent of a 16-year-old adolescent.

By the same token -- in our series -- Martian Manhunter was born 135 Earth years ago, but is the biological equivalent of a 45-year-old male. How many Martian Astronomical Years ago he was born is -- again -- a math equation I haven't bothered to compute, because it's immaterial.

I guess the simplest comparison is the classic (if not exactly accurate) notion of "dog-years", i.e. the idea that a dog ages about seven dog-years for every one human year. So that a ten year old dog is about the equivalent of a seventy year old human.

For us a ten year old Martian is about the equivalent of a 3.3 year old human.

Which is basically to say, that the show IS well thought out, and we didn't overlook a seemingly important detail like this. We were simply talking about biology, not astronomy.

Response recorded on November 12, 2010