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Jackson writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,

my name is Jackson, and I am an avid fan of The Spectacular Spider-Man. So the first thing I would like to say, even though you've probably heard it heaps of times over, is that The Spectacular Spider-Man was the best adaptation of Spider-Man to date, and in my opinion the best cartoon I've ever seen (and I've seen a fair few). I could go to great lengths to describe just how amazing a thing it was. I was devastated beyond belief when I heard that TSSM was cancelled. It truly was masterpiece.

And now that I've said that, my question. It concerns a character I believe you should be quite familiar with; Donald Menken. Being the fan that I am, I have watched the episodes many times, and Mr Menken interested me. My main question about him is, in the episodes that he appears, is he meant to be a character who really just does what he's told, or does he have any sort of initiative? I mean, for Norman to trust him enough to show him globulin green AND host the rhino specs auction (which are both pretty dangerous things to share), there'd have to be something about him that Norman recognised as making him a trustworthy confidant. What was this quality?

Thanks so much for your time. Maybe more questions in the future.

Greg responds...

Well, I'll mostly leave this for your interpretation, but I think Menken demonstrated various qualities to Norman Osborn (not all of which may have been visible in the limited screen time we could afford the character), including loyalty, intelligence, steadfastness, initiative, unperterbability, etc.

Response recorded on November 18, 2010