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Sage writes...

Okay, I'm fairly certain I've gotten all of my nerd rage about Young Justice out of my system, so I'll actually be more hyped to watch YJ than I was to watch Avengers, and I'm fairly certain it'll be great. Still, two questions are bugging me. Just a bit:

1.) I keep hearing that this is a "young DC Universe", but the proof of that is always that Clark Kent only became Superman ten years ago, and Bruce became Batman nine years ago. Doesn't that place this universe as fairly "old", since that would put the both of them near their 30's? This is probably kind of difficult to answer, I'm just curious as to how your timeline works--"New Earth" Superman and Batman are pretty much perpetually 35, but I'm guessing your Superman and Batman (and DCU) won't have that problem?

2.) Does it bug you at all that your premiere is next month, but the actual series doesn't start for (at best) two months? I was kinda happy the show was premiering on my birthday, but it bummed me out when I learned we wouldn't see anymore until 2011.

Greg responds...

1. I'm not too clear on the question. I realize that time is somewhat elastic by necessity in the current DC comic book universe. But if you look at it objectively, a Superman who is in his early thirties and has only been wearing the cape for a decade, with all the other heroes following after him makes our Earth-16 fairly young in continuity.

2. Doesn't bug me at all.

Response recorded on November 18, 2010