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Cory writes...

Hi Greg. I'm happy to hear you found a project after Spectacular Spider-Man (excellent show), and I'm even happier to learn it's DC. Two questions, though I understand if you can't answer them:

1.) Do you know whether you guys are locked into the same "65 and done" episode format that action cartoons have dealt with since the early 90's, or are you just focusing on this first season right now?

I ask because I believe this has the potential to be people's gateway into the DCU--but it would suck if the series were canceled after just over two seasons.

2.) I notice there are a lot of references about Young Justice trying to include as much of the DCU as possible. Plus I noticed DC even gave you guys an Earth (yay...they get some use now). I can't help wondering...is this by any chance the start of a new DC animated universe? Or is Young Justice just set in E16 and that's it?

Again, I understand if you choose not to answer these questions because they would give away something or you just don't know the answer to them. Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. Pretty much just focused on the first season of 26 episodes, though we have PLENTY of ideas for both the comics and a second season (should we get a pick-up).

2. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Response recorded on November 18, 2010