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Albert writes...

Hey, Greg!

I'm very excited about the new Young Justice cartoon. In many respects, I want this Earth-16 universe to be the main DCU because all continuity has been distilled, rebooted, and made fresh. I'm looking forward to the comic book in January as well.

Pleasantries aside, on to brass tacks...

You've mentioned on several interviews and panels that realism has played a crucial role in fleshing out this series. This was evident on your detailed explanation on costumes, the choosing of characters, etc. How about in respect to the timeline of Earth-16? It would not seem "realistic" that the children of characters like the original Icicle and Black Canary would be, by the looks of it, in their mid-20s while their parents had their adventures during WWII in relation to the current timeline, which is 2010. Will there be an adequate explanation for that? Sorry if this seemed too heavy-duty.

Thanks for making questions like these available!

Greg responds...

I have a timeline, which is currently 139 pages long. In order to make our current characters the correct age, it effected everything and everyone that came before. So the original Black Canary was NOT active during World War II on Earth-16, for example. She was born in 1943... and was relatively old when she gave birth to the current Canary.

Some of this will be revealed in the show. Some of it in the comic. Some of it's just background for those of us working on the series.

Response recorded on December 03, 2010