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Pumpkin Bomb writes...

Wow, the number of questions since the premiere of Young Justice has really exploded upward. I tried to read through all of them to see if any made reference to my question, and I didn't find any, but apologies if I missed it and this has been asked before you get to my question.

One thing I've always found a little frustrating in DC comics is that the fictional cities of specific heroes (Gotham, Star City, Central City, Metropolis) are never definitively placed anywhere in the United States, even when they use actual cities as locations (using Washington DC as Justice League headquarters, for example). It's not like I expect there to be a giant, meticulously drawn map of the US with all the fictional cities marked, but it would be nice to know what region of the country they're in, but it's never really confirmed in the comics. But knowing how specific your planning can be when taking real world matters in account, I was wondering if you had decided where these major cities were in the country.

If so, would you tell us which states/regions of the country the cities of our main heroes (Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, etc) are? As we probably won't know where Superboy or Miss Martian are staying until you decide to show us, would you touch on some of the other fictional cities and their locations if that information isn't something that will be revealed in the show (Bludhaven, Metropolis, Gateway City, Opal City, Fawcett...?)


Greg responds...

I'll give you time zones, how about that?

(We actually do have a map, but it seems to change all the time, so I'm going to NOT get myself in trouble by nailing things down until I know they're nailed.)

Both Gotham and Metropolis are in the EDT/EST time zone. So is Happy Harbor - the location of Mount Justice - which is in Rhode Island.

Central City is in CDT/CST.

Star City is in PDT/PST.

I'm not going to confirm or deny whether the rest of the cities you mentioned appear in the series or not. But I will say, that of DC's fictional cities, the above are our big five (or four and a half, since Happy Harbor is more of a town than a city). Throw in some non-fictional locations, including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami Beach, New York and Yellowstone, and you've covered a lot of our ground domestically.

Internationally, we have both fictional (i.e. DC created) and real world locations too.

Response recorded on January 13, 2011