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Hugo writes...

Hi Greg,

I was totally blown away by the first episode(s) of Young Justice. I knew the show was gonna be good, but... wow. The story was very well-crafted, and the quality of the animation was like nothing I've seen on American television. I can hardly wait until the show continues in January!

A few questions:

1. I'm a big Hawkman fan. I know he and Hawkwoman aren't main characters, but will we eventually learn which versions you're using?

2. I love the new Aqualad, and appreciate your efforts to diversify the cast. Can you comment on why you chose Aqualad in particular to re-imagine as a minority character, as opposed to, say, Artemis or Kid Flash?

3. Would you be willing/allowed to include any openly gay or lesbian characters on an all-ages show like this?

Thanks for your time, and for producing such a great show!

Greg responds...

1. Eventually. Either in the series or in the comic.

2. Artemis is also a minority, she's half-Caucasian, half-Vietnamese.

3. I would, yes.

Response recorded on January 13, 2011