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Anonymous writes...

1.How powerful is Oberon in the Gargoyles universe? I assume he cannot destroy the Planet, but does he have power limits, can he divert a large Meteor or Asteroid, or cause Earth to move away from it's position in Space?
2.If not/if he can how much stress would this put on him?
3.What is the most strenuous thing he's done outside of the series episodes/ever?
2.Additionally how would he and other characters like Thailog or Xanatos react to an extraterrestrial invasion in the present day, by the alien antagonists from "2198" in the present day, or a different species?

Greg responds...

1. He definitely has limits.

2. I'm not going to get into hypotheticals. They don't interest me.

3. Uh, his wedding?

2 again. Strangely, see the answer to the ABOVE #2.

Response recorded on January 13, 2011