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Javier BC writes...

Hi Greg, first of all congratulations for all the team behind young justice. I read a lot of reviews and the premier was a huge success , everyone woking in the show really deserve the prise they are reciving. I have a couple of questions , hope you have the time to answer them:

1) Why does Superman react the way he did when he met Conner?. He left him in care of the other members of the league , Shouldn't he be more responsiable of his son?
2) Are all the members of the Light famous DC villans?. If the Oranization created Superboy to take Supermans place in case he perish , wouldnt that help the league?
3) Is there any chance you could cast Keith David as Black Manta? I think he would be perfect for the role

thank again for your time Greg, and i really looking foward to the whole season

Greg responds...

1. I'm going to leave the answer to this to the interpretation of the audience. I have definite opinions on the subject, but more will be revealed in the fullness of time.

2. In case he perish or turn from the Light. Interpret that as chillingly as you like.

3. No comment.

Response recorded on January 14, 2011