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Ian Whitcombe writes...

I'm curious about the philosophy behind recieving episode premise approval for a show from DC (and I'm assuming Marvel too for SSM?). I wonder which would describe it better:

1. You submit the episode premise as a checks and balances procedure working in good faith that the episode will be approved provided there aren't any legal or logistical oversights that would make the episode impossible to produce. What I think I'm asking is if they recognize your desire as producer to make the episode, and they would only veto a premise if there was some sort of hassle.

2. You submit the episode premise in the hope that DC likes it and sees value in the episode's production. This would imply that the episode could be approved or vetoed based on the creative "whims" of DC.

Greg responds...

It's both or neither. The main concern for both companies (not including the legal ramifications, which separate LAWYER-TYPES deal with) is to make sure we are being true to the characters. Some DC and Marvel people focus on specifics. Some focus on the bigger picture. Some both.

But basically, they don't reject premises out of hand. Just the way we are dealing with their characters. And even that is fairly rare. Both Marvel on SpecSpidey and DC on YJ have been great partners in the process.

Response recorded on January 18, 2011