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Anonymous writes...

1.I notice you have the street level characters like Batman and Black Canary taking charge of the youngsters, with fighting and so on. So what role do the metas play in their mentoring?

2.Will we see more of the Superboy and Aqualad friendship? They seem to have a bond already. It would be more refreshing to see than the same old same super/bat thing...ie Superboy/Robin.

3.I did not really like the Miss Martian intro. She seems a little too sugary and one dimensional batting her eyes off the mark at Superboy. What challenge does she really present to Kon? Or he to her? It felt like you guys telling us. Right. That's your ship. Deal with it. No build up whatsoever. I almost hope the clown Kid Flash wins this one. But then I guess you could surprise me.

4.What's up with Roy and the bitching? That was really unfair to play him off like that. I hope you guys have one episode to make him look less of a little girl.

5.Any clue as to which Wondergirl we will see? Can you tell me Wonder Woman's age in this?

6.Will we see Kyle Rayner?

7.I'm kinda hoping Zatanna will be around Robin's age.

8.I am also looking forward to see Kon develop his relationship with Superman. That's interesting you went with "dad"...than say "brother". Any reason for that? Cause it would make things really different in how they see each other. But I must say Superman's reaction was spot on. It's kinda weird to be the last of your race and then this clone crops up.

Greg responds...

1. Watch and see, I guess...

2. Watch and see, I guess...

3. Watch and see, I guess...

4. Watch and see, I guess...

5a. Who said you're seeing Wonder Girl?

5b. And, yes, I can.

6. Watch and see, I guess...

7. Who said we'll be seeing Zatanna?

8. The father/son thing (i.e. progenitor/progenitee) seemed more natural to us than calling them brothers.

Response recorded on January 27, 2011