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Joseph B. writes...

Well, I'm solidly impressed. A friend just managed to drag me into watching "Independence Day"; if he had mentioned who was behind it, I would have acquiesced alot faster.

Others have already brought up most of the excellently done pieces, such as the group dynamic, the strong characterization, and so forth. In particular, having read the response to the "why no female sidekicks in the initial ep?" and having fond memories of Gargoyles' and Spectacular Spiderman's female characters, I am looking forward to seeing the heroines of Young Justice teach the boys a few things.

However, there is one point that I was particularly impressed by, although I shall have to be a bit delicate in this. At the end: Superman's reaction to Superboy. It was a superbly well executed sequence that managed to communicate Superman's shock and horror at having been cloned without consent--a violation of the highest order--and his struggle to not associate the boy in front of him with that violation. I'll admit, my reaction to his reaction was "Okay, first, we get you to a bar. Then, a psychiatrist." Superbly well done, and I'm curious to see where that dynamic goes. Superman has already more or less dumped the responsibility for his clone onto others, which, while understandable, doesn't bode well for their future relationship. But, still, the scene was superbly executed, and I'm looking forward to where it's going from here.

And on a final note, a question: Level 42? Seriously? Where they find Life, a whole 'nother Universe, and just about Everything on the computer? That was cute, but now I'm racking my brains on what reference/significance 57 has!

Thanks for going the extra mile with this, and I'm looking forward to more.
Joseph B.

Greg responds...

Heinz 57?

But seriously, where did you get 57? Cadmus had 52 sub-levels, plus two above-ground levels for a total of 54.

Response recorded on January 27, 2011