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Akeem M. writes...

Hello again, another spec spidey question here.

In comics Tombstone had a connection to Robbie Robertson, making him more of one of Robbie's personal enemies. Is there a reason you decided to disregard that when making Tombstone the "Big Man". OR was it not omitted, and you just didn't have enough time to show anything concerning Robbie's relationship with Tombstone (or it didn't have enough impact on Peter/Spidey's life...yet)?

Also, we all know why you decided to get rid of Herman Schultz, but of all the people to be Shocker, why Montana of The Enforcers? Was there something that you saw in Montana that would plant him as a great match for the Shocker suit?

Also...if there is ANYTHING you want to give me for your discontinued plans for the future like "you would have liked this to happen" just spill it out... Just kidding...


Greg responds...

Tombstone/Robbie would fall under the category of discontinued future plans, which I've pretty much decided there's no upside in me revealing.

As for Montana becoming Shocker, it just seemed to fit. Montana got away at the end of "Survival of the Fittest" and would be at loose ends without his Enforcer buddies. And he had a fun personality to inhabit the Shocker suit and gear. It worked for us.

Response recorded on January 28, 2011