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Albert writes...

Hey, Greg!

Thanks for answering my first question about the timeline It was something that interested me due to your ardent stance on making Young Justice tight in continuity and grounded.

By the way, good on you addressing the gender "controversy." I sensed no fanboyisms in the pilot. I'm personally always assailed and bemused when someone, regardless of sex, ethnicity, orientation, etc. complains of "inequality." The true sexists and/or racists are the ones who always troll for "problems" like this and complain as such. Genuine equality requires no quotas in my mind. Anyway...

My next question is related to Roy Harper, formerly Speedy.
Despite his cantankerous fiery attitude toward Green Arrow about his rejection from inclusion in the Justice League and a real tour in the Watchtower, he seems like he would be the eldest of the sidekicks. Can you disclose any information about his age in relation to the other sidekicks?


Greg responds...

Roy's 18. Aqualad's 16. Superboy & Miss Martian are biologically 16, though he's only 16 weeks, and she's 48 earth years old chronologically. Kid Flash & Artemis are 15. Robin is 13.

Response recorded on January 28, 2011