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Gothic-Cowboy writes...

Mr. Weisman, during a Comic-Con interview you identified Batman as being the leader of the Justice League, and the rest of the League clearly deferred to him in the Young Justice pilot. So I started to wonder about leadership in the League:
1. Has Batman been officially designated the leader in some way, or does he lead by more of an informal consensus?
2. Is Batman the only leader the Justice League has ever had?
3. How does Batman feel about leadership? Did he want to be the leader, or did it take him some time to accept that he was the best candidate?
4. How does the rest of the League feel about Batman's leadership? Obviously, it will vary from person to person, but is there anyone on the League who is dissatisfied with the arrangement?
5. Aside from the leader, are the rest of the League theoretically equals (I say theoretically because obviously some have seniority or greater expertise in some matters than others).
6. Was it difficult for you and Brandon Vietti and who ever else had input to narrow down the League's membership? You probably weren't looking for a JLU set-up with dozens and dozens of heroes, and part of being a long-time comic book fan is developing a fondess for B-,C-, and D-list characters that sadly go underutilized. I know if I were called upon to do so, I would have a hard time not including all kinds of wonderful, obscure characters. Was it hard for you?
Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

1. He was formally elected.

2. No.

3. "Want" is complicated, but I think he reasons he's the best candidate.

4. Not generally.

5. Yes, all equals.

6. Hard? No. There were specific reasons for every one of the sixteen Leaguers included. And reasons to disinclude those that weren't chosen. (And, yes, we were working from a HUGE list of options.)

Response recorded on February 02, 2011