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Paul & Sylvia writes...

Paul: I was wondering, and this may be a stretch, but are you hoping for a similar impact on the greater DCU as "Batman: The Animated Series" of the 1990's had. That show changed the way people looked at Batman and company to such an extent as to shape the re-imagining of the characters in all forms of media. Since you are taking a new stance on previously established characters, do you think "Young Justice" can do the same?

Sylvia: "Incredible bulk"? Take that show stealers! (We are ready to assist with your revenge plot. Just ask.) Hope to see you are NYCC 2011, your panel was packed for good reason. Congratulations on the new project.

Paul: I told her not to say that...

Your fans,
Paul & Sylvia

Greg responds...

Paul - It's not even vaguely our concern. We just want to make the best series we can make.

Sylvia - I think you missed the point of the inside joke. Blockbuster has always been a bit of a Hulk-off. So we were acknowledging that (humorously) while at the same time (hopefully) creating a new Blockbuster that would NOT feel -- or look -- as Hulk-like.

Response recorded on February 02, 2011