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Alice writes...

hey Greg,
this may seem like a strange question, but I was wondering about the character designs, more specifically in their civvies. At the end of "Independence Day Part 2" before Miss M comes, you see the four guys. With the exception of Superboy, they're all wearing long sleves, Aqualad shown in a sweater and Robin in a sweatshirt AND a coat. While the designs look good, it seems a bit excessive to be wearing so many layers in the middle of the summer. Was this just a decision made by the character designers and animators? Or is the Secret Sanctuary/Happy Harbor just in a colder location?
Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

Aqualad wears long sleeves to hide his extremely identifiable tattoos. (But it's not a sweater. It's a light jacket.)

I don't have as good a justification for Robin or Kid Flash. Maybe it gets cold at night in Rhode Island?

Response recorded on February 09, 2011