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Michael writes...

Hi Greg,
Hope you're reading this. I really love your work on Spider-man and Gargoyles. As for my question: Considering you have the whole DCUniverse at your disposal, any chance Ragman will show up in Young Justice? It would be cool to have a Jewish superhero showing up in an animated superhero show. Sure, Ben Grimm and Doc Samson are Jewish and have appeared in animated from, but they've never said they were Jewish. Ragman's origin is tied into the legend of the Golem, so any young Jew watching it would have a Jewish hero to look up to. And he operates in Gotham, so it wouldn't be out of place to have Bats or Robin run into him. I'm asking you because you did have The Golem appear in Gargoyles, so maybe you'd want to put Ragman in Young Justice. Just askin'.

All the best,

Greg responds...

No comment.

Response recorded on February 09, 2011