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Anonymous writes...

Hey, I've always liked King Arthur Legends. Thats one of the reasons I
like Gargoyles. Last week I watched that NBC miniseries "Merlin" (did you watch
it btw?) and thought about the Arthur legends in Gargoyles and got some

1. I think I've figured out who Duval is, is he Mordred?

2. How come Merlin got out of going to the gathering, or was he there but
not shown?

3. Is Merlin's mortal mother someone we know of?

4. Contest about king arthur characters alive on show: a)Arthur b)lady of
the lake c) merlin d) mordred e)oberon f)queen mab g)cant think of another

5. Is the lady of the lake a fey and if yes why wasnt she at the
gathering. if no what is she?

6. Do you have a story about how excalibur got moved to New York? Any
details you can give away too =)

7. There was the stone dragon in the episode "Pendragon" but will there be
any real dragons in the show in either the the past or present?

8. What makes Alex, Fox and Merlin any different from the New Olympians?
you said both were hybrid human/fey.

Thanks for answering these, I know we can be annoying. Oh yeah you can
continue your "Once upon a time there were three brothers..." story

Greg responds...

Yeah, I saw Merlin. I thought it was spectacular to see, though I
found the cliffnote speed at which the story flew by a bit disappointing.
Remember the days when a mini-series like Roots or Rich Man, Poor Man were
like sixteen hours long?
1. I've all but given Duval's identity away already. So I'm not
going to answer this here.
2. Like Fox, Merlin isn't considered one of the Children of Oberon.
Which is ironic, since he's literally a child of Oberon's.
3. If you mean someone who's already appeared in the series, no.
But she maintains her role from Arthurian myth.
4. Nope.
5. She was at the Gathering. Look again.
6. Yes. But I'm not telling it here. Not a good format for
telling long stories.
7. Everything is true.
8. They aren't citizens of New Olympus. It's cultural.

(GDW / 7-20-98)

Response recorded on July 20, 1998