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Ashton writes...

Hey Greg,

I have a couple questions about Young Justice.

1. Is Aqualad and Artemis going to become close since they both have baggage? Such as Aqualads father being a villian and Artemis having a dangerous past.

2. I've read online an interview with one of your voice actors for the show, Jesse McCartney stated two things. The first was that the relationship between Kid-Flash, Miss M, and Superboy is going to become a love triangle and the second thing he stated was that early on in the season Aqualad would tell Robin this leadership job is something you were born to do not me and that he needs to take things more serious. He also mentions that this becomes a huge discusssion between Aqualad, Robin and Batman. So my question is whether any of this stuff is true or not?

3. Would telling the age of Zatara be a spoiler? If so then you dont have to worry about it. But if not I really curious whether this is golden age Zatara, he seemed like he was in his late 40's.

4. Is their going to be any episodes that will focus on each member of Young Jusice? Such as a story about Aqualad, Artemis, or Miss M.

5. How do you think Superman felt that night discovering he had a younger clone of himself? Of course he was mad as well as in shock, But he didn't react the way I expected he would towards him, he looked at him angry and basically pond off on the rest of the Leagures, then he flew away.

6. I understand that Artemis profile showed she was a master archer, but how good is she compared to Speedy? Would you say their equal, or one's better than the other.

7. How long would you say each member of Young Justice have been superheroes? other than Robin whos been doing it for 4 years.

Thanks you for taking the time out to answer my questions, Much appreciated!

Greg responds...

1. No comment.

2. No comment.

3. He's 40.

4. Yes. In fact, each of the episodes from 103-108 focus on one of our six leads (while hopefully not ignoring the others).

5. I have tremendous sympathy for both Superman and Superboy in this scenario. Beyond that, I'll just let the series and it's characters "speak" for themselves.

6. She's neither as polished nor as physically strong. But she's damn good enough.

7. Robin = 4 years. Speedy = 3 years. Aqualad = 2 years. Kid Flash = 2 years. Superboy and Miss Martian, as of episode 105 = about a month.

Response recorded on February 09, 2011