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Lexi G writes...

I must say.... I love the pilot episode and even the trailer for episode 3. Waiting for Friday is what's helping me through my final's week haha. Young Justice has the important foundation crucial to a fantastic show. Intriguing characters, an interesting and expansive concept, and, of course, awesome characters. I really like how you set up small plot points in addition to the large ones (such as the Light). In particular, I find Superboy and his reconditioning to life outside a lab to make for very entertaining dialogue. He has to learn simple concepts like junk food and crushes, no doubt with the jokesters Robin and KF providing incorrect info to jerk him around. But it made me think, do the heros have friends outside other superheros/ superheros in training, or will a majority of their social lives be spent with only those groups? Also, will there actually be romantic relationships featured (in both the Justice League and Young Justice), or will it more likely be 'will they or won't they' type romances and crushes? Thanks, I think you are doing a fab job on the material so far and I'm super excited to see the rest!

Greg responds...

I don't think Robin or KF are jerking Superboy around.

Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Artemis and eventually Miss Martian and Superboy will have friends outside the circle of the six of them.

Beyond that, you'll just have to wait and see...

Response recorded on February 16, 2011