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Anonymous writes...

Hi, this is more comment then question. First of all the quality of the animation and the character designs for Young Justice is truly wonderful. 10 out of 10...well maybe poor WW's tiara could do with some shrinking. Her forehead is hiding behind that huge thing. :p

I am just hoping that this verse will keep the essence of the DCU but not go down the same road that TAS and Jl/JLU went down. I see you have assured us that you are trying to keep this Earth unique and fresh. I hope so.

Please do better also in how you write your females. The Timmverse women can never touch your Gargoyles females in my opinion and, no, you don't have to comment on that. :) Your ladies were actually complex and have personalities. I couldn't even bear the way Wonder Woman was written in JL/JLU and she is my idol. I must admit I was not happy by the way way the ladies were portrayed in the first episode of YJ. But I have faith that you will do right by them.

So thanks again for making me excited to tune in and watch some decent animation.


Greg responds...

Can I just ask...?

You say you were "not happy by the way way the ladies were portrayed in the first episode of YJ," but do you mean that? You don't like how they were portrayed -- or you don't like how little they appeared at all? Cuz there's a big difference between those two things.

Response recorded on February 17, 2011