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Logan writes...

Drop Zone was a fantastic episode, keep up the good work.
i just read an episode description for Feb. 11's episode "Infiltrator"
Who are the league of shadow's? are you taking about the league of Assassins? i remember in batman begins, the league of assassins was watered down for audiences.

Who had to drop the ax on the assassins for this instance? Comics fans know that they've always been the league of assassins and when they hear the league of shadow's it will most likely take them out of the moment.

I had assumed that with a pg v rating that your target demographic was young teens, do you have to fight censorship in order to actually take advantage of this rating.

to be real Greg, you and i both know EXACTLY what the kids want to see, blood, excessive violence and sexual innuendo. its just the facts. i have seen tv pg v ratings get way with some of the gritiest, realistic, and schoking material.

How are they gonna screw you on the sensorship? i am a huge fan of the show and your work but im still waiting to see a pg v fight. listen to the devil of your conscious and let the angel take a vacation.

Greg responds...

The show is the show. It's set on Earth-16. If comics fans get too fixated on what they assume the series is going to be instead of what it is, there's literally nothing I can do about that -- except shrug.

Personally, I think "League of Shadows" is a BETTER name than "League of Assassins". NO ONE mandated that change. It's an alternate name that I preferred. It makes more sense to me in this world.

And by the way, Logan, I don't agree at all with your assessment of "EXACTLY what the kids want to see". I think they want good stories, well told with interesting characters... but maybe that's just me.

Censorship has honestly not been an issue on this series to date at all. Your assumptions are just wrong -- and I just love that you made them BEFORE seeing the episode. That just makes them even more fun.

And if you assume that censorship was in play, how would my devils or angels have anything to do with anything?

Response recorded on February 25, 2011