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Maki P writes...

After watching "Drop Zone" I have only one question:
Why! Greg why! Why did you let them butcher la Lengua de Cervantes like that? Trying to listen to those lines was just painful, the accents alone were impossible to understand and what I could gather from the grammar was... not right.
You seem like a respectful, careful sort, so I need to know, Why?

Greg responds...

We tried our VERY best to get the Spanish correct.

Prior to the recording, we got translations from multiple Spanish speakers.

At the recording, we gave nearly all the Spanish lines to two actors who speak Spanish fluently, i.e. Danny Trejo and Nolan North. Khary Payton, who speaks a little Spanish, had one line, but Danny and Nolan were there to make sure he got it right.

So... Maki... are you sure we got it SO wrong? (I'm not saying we didn't. I just know we tried our best to get it right...)

Of course, part of the problem may be that Spanish is spoken differently in different areas of the world. What sounded wrong to a Spanish speaker from Spain might sound right to a Spanish speaker from El Salvador, etc.

Response recorded on February 25, 2011