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Algernon writes...

“Young Justice: Drop-Zone” review



Really great episode all round, I think this is what most of us have been waiting for since “Independence Day” first aired back in November.

First off, I know a lot of folks thought Desmond’s transformation into Blockbuster was pretty disturbing but damn, Mammoth just took it to a whole new level of nightmare fuel. Not only do we get his skin ripping of but exposed muscle tissue and everything. You guys must have the most laid back S&P exec in history.

Back to the actual plot, this episode really sells the idea of Young Justice as the League’s covert-ops team. I especially liked how the team still hasn’t completely gelled yet, as befits their first official mission. Everyone’s unsure of their roles and they don’t even have a leader yet. Robin’s got a lot of natural talent and he’s probably the best suited for covert work, but he lacks the necessary maturity. I like the idea of Kaldur taking on the “burden of leadership” until Robin’s ready. I got to say Kaldur’s my favourite character so far and I’m looking forward to seeing how he grows as a leader in the future.

I’m a big supervillain geek, so this episode had a lot for me to like. Bane was very cool, a lot of writers forget Bane’s supposed to be a strategist as well as a brawler, so it was refreshing to see him playing the YJers and the Kubra Cult against each other. I also enjoyed Lord Kobra, any dude created by Jack Kirby is automatically worth looking into for me but I loved what Arnold Vosloo did with the character, supremely arrogant yet very cold and understated. It’s easy to see how a cult of personality formed around this guy.

Sportsmaster seemed pretty left field but interesting. I’m familiar with the character from “Batman: The Brave & The Bold” but never expected to see him in a show like this. Still, I liked the way you guys re-imagined him as more of a mercenary then weirdo with a gimmick.

It was also very cool to see the Light again, I’ve been looking forward to seeing these guys again and it looks like their conspiracy seems to stretch across the super-criminal community. Project Cadmus, the Kobra Cult and even Professor Morrow and Mr. Twister, they seem to have their fingers in many dubious pies.

Like I said great episode that just makes my hungry for more, can’t wait to see where you guys are going with this.

Greg responds...

We're going somewhere GREAT!!

In my opinion, anyway.

Response recorded on March 04, 2011