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Anonymous writes...

A while back one of the concept artists on the show posted some concept art of catherine Cobert (from the old Justice League Europe series, I believe), and mentioned that at some point she was meant to have been in the pilot episode as some sort of tour guide or liason at the Hall of Justice.

So do you know if she made it into the script only to be cut out due to budget stuff, or was the character dropped at an earlier point in the production cycle?

Either way, hope you and the rest of your team keep up the good work.

Greg responds...

She was in the script I wrote and we recorded her (with Stephanie Lemalin playing Catherine) but her part/scene was cut for time at the storyboard stage. Catherine survives in the show in a way, as she is still the voice of the League's computer. In my mind, she's still the League's public affairs officer, but we just haven't had the opportunity to show her yet. (It's a dense, crowded show.)

Response recorded on March 09, 2011