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Anonymous writes...

I just wanted to say that, that was the best version of Bane I've ever seen in animation, and that it's hard to explain how happy I was to see Santa Prisca as one of the locations the team visited.
I mean being a hispanic guy who wants to go into acting (not voice acting) it always made me sad that there aren't many Superheroes, or Villains that I would ever be in the running for.
I dont know if it's confirmed or still a rumor that they're using Bane in the third Batman movie, but his rumored actor isn't hispanic, and that made me a bit upset lol.
Yeah so I just wanted to say thanks, for giving Bane not just a good tan, but making him really hispanic.

Greg responds...

You're welcome. But it's totally selfish. Diversity and authenticity makes for better entertainment.

Response recorded on March 09, 2011