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TheLegendarySupersaiyanGoku writes...

Hey Greg!

I am a mexican fan of the show seeing the show (before it airs here in Mexico).And I must day that unfortunately the part in spanish had some mistakes.For instance nobody says "combate singular" it would be more common a "combate uno a uno".But otherwise amazing episode !

Greg responds...

All I can say (again) is that the Spanish-speaking folks who translated the writer's English into Spanish chose "singular". (Us English-only speakers didn't do the translating obviously. And we didn't use google-translations or anything like that.) And neither of our Spanish-speaking actors seemed to have a problem with it. They did correct other lines that didn't seem right to them, but not that one.

I'm not saying we got it right, only that we did everything we could think of to get it right. And clearly at least one Spanish-speaker disagrees with you.

Response recorded on March 09, 2011