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Anonymous writes...

I actually meant to make this post a while ago after the premier of Independence day, but I just haven't gotten around to it 'til now so most of these are questions I made a note to ask regarding the pilot.

1. How old is Barry Allen?

2. Why didn't that scientist have a g-gnome on her shoulder? I think her name was dr. Spence and I remember in two of the shots with her, she wasn't wearing a G-Gnome. Guardian seemed to need his on him at all time so does that mean that she was aware of everything she was doing in the way Desmond was?

3. How come Superboy could open the gate leading into projekt Kr but not the one on SL-1? Wouldn't it make sense for the deepest parts of Cadmus to be protected by the strongest gates? Also he seemed to rip it open so effortlessly while he and Aqualad wasn't able to put a dent in the other gate.

4. This is kind of random, but I noticed that after he transformed, Desmond still had his ponytale, at least in the beginning. Then, at one point during the battle, it just seemed to vanish. What was up with that?

5. I presume that Superboy will age normally from now on (at least as what's normal for a cryptonian) and I was just wondering why. Is it simply because the accelerated aging had to be constantly maintained to continue or is it something else? (If it's not a wait and see thing then I would love to know how it works).

6. I hope this doesn't come of as racist but Wally seemed very quick to infatuated by Megan. I'm not saying a martian and a human can't be together, but it would be expected for any 15 year old boy to be a little bit hesitant about hitting on a girl with green skin. Has Wally had experience with aliens before or is he just that open-minded by nature?

7. Did Mr. Friese kill those people in the beginning? People seem to have interpreted that scene very differently, but I haven't been able to come to any kind of conclusion. Of course it's not really my call, but I think it's an extremely important detail to be clear on. If you agree with that, I would really appreciate if you could answer this.

8. I get that Wally isn't keeping his identity secret from the team, but he's still trying to keep it secret to both villains and the genereral public right? Why then does he run around fighting mister twister without his mask? And for that matter why doesn't he get mad when Megan says "I got you Wally" right in front of the bad guy? Just from that little encounter it shouldn't be hard for those scientists to deduce his secret identity.

9. Continueing the secret identity thing, does those dark glasses really make it impossible to see Dick's face? Couldn't any villain of the slightest intelligence just check up on all 12-14 year old boys with dark hair who lives in Gotham and figure out his identity, based on said encounter with mister twister. (This would propably give up Batmans Identity aswell, presuming Bruce has adopted Dick in the show like he originally did)

10. When Megan turns into Red Tornado and fights twister, where is the real tornados comming from? The scientist said Tornado was in the vicinity. Did he create them from a distance or was it Wally spinning and making small Tornados like Flash has been seen doing in severel other versions of his character?

11. You've previously said that Robin has been fighting crime for 4 years. Can you tell us how long some of the others have been 'at it'? Superboy is obviously new to the whole thing. Wally said Megan was "pretty inexperienced" so that oculd mean she is new too, but not necessarily (I'm completely unfamiliar with her character so I'm completely lost here). I don't expect you to give up Artemis because it's propably in the show, but maybe you could tell us regarding Wally, Aqualad and Speedy?

While I'm posting I wanted to ask you something a little different. I know you're propably not the one to decide for or against it, but have you considered maybe accepting donations via internet payment? Shamefully, I must admit I haven't been completely legit about watching the show, because it is simply not available in my country (It won't be for at least a year and when it does it'll suck because we only have like 10 talentless voice-actors doing all voices on cartoons in Denmark). Still I'm a huge fan and really wanna support the possibility of future seasons. Since I can't do that by watching the show on TV, I could make a small donation to make up for watching it illegally. (I'm sure plenty of other non-americans feel that way so it might help out a lot in proving to the buseness guys in charge that it's worth it to give the show a pick-up).

Thanks for any answers you might give me and for all the awesome shows you're behind!

(PS: Sorry if this is a repost, having trouble with my computer)

Greg responds...

1. Asked and answered. Check the archives.

2. No comment.

3. Heavier gate. And no, it doesn't make sense. Security to the outside is more important than security within the complex.

4. His skin got pulled off. Maybe the ponytail fell off. (I honestly don't remember.)

5. No comment.

6. How open-minded do you need to be with someone that attractive?

7. It's an important detail - that's subject to the viewer's interpretation.

8. Well, I think there's more than one Wally in the world. But, yeah, he's trying to keeping his identity a secret from everyone but his fellow heroes. But the entire Team was caught without their costumes when the Twister thing began.

9. First, there must be a TON of dark haired boys in Gotham in that age range, and even if they're aren't what good would it do? How would you then identify Robin? Second, this is a world where Clark Kent's glasses hides his identity, so sunglasses have to work even better.

10. Wally. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

11. Asked and answered. Check the archives.

As for donations... I don't know how that would work. I don't own the stuff, so as much as I'd like free money, it makes no sense to donate to me. And I don't have a clue how you could donate to Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and/or DC Comics.

Response recorded on March 09, 2011