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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg,
I wanted to wait for the credits list before I posted on the past 2 episodes (to make sure I get my facts and names straight). Kudos to you and the crew on two more great episodes. I love how so far the primary villains have all been relatively obscure to non-comic readers (most people know Bane, but not Mr. Twister or Sportsmaster) and have been done spectacularly. I also enjoyed Bane, very nice casting on him, and I love how you write him as a competent leader and not just dumb muscle. And I am becoming more interested in "The Light". I believe I know one of the members now, and I cant wait to see what else you do.
On to a question I had; I was going through my old issues of Young Justice and realized I really like how they used Red Tornado's daughter Traya in there and how YJ was essentially her crazy babysitters. Will we get to see Traya at some point on the show?
Anyway, once again, great job, and pass my kudos to the cast and crew.


Greg responds...

No comment.

Though I thank you for the kind words.

Response recorded on March 11, 2011