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Mike writes...

Now that Batman Beyond is officially part of the DC comics universe, are you allowed to use him in YJ (assuming there was a time-travel episode)? Do you have any interest in including Terry or other characters who exist in the future, like the Legion, at some point?

Greg responds...


Gang, please, do us ALL A FAVOR and get the message. I will not be spoiling. NOT. BE. SPOILING.

And that means that even something that I know I'm never going to do is going to get a no comment, because if I only said no to some things and no comment to the rest, you'd deduce that no comment means yes.

So instead I'm saying no comment for yes, for no, for no way in hell, for yes absolutely, for any and all questions about what may or may not be coming down the pike.

So stop asking. Seriously. It's just not a good use of ANYONE'S time.


Response recorded on March 11, 2011