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Anonymous writes...

I know character development is important here and at times we all seem impatient but why is Superman ...SUPERMAN...of all people being unable to extend even a few words to Superboy? While I expect it to be awkward and a little creepy for him, we are only subjected to seeing Clark come off like a bit of a jerk. And it is so unfair to the character when he is not like that at all! You have people going on that Superman is a d**k and I am like, he's not! You didn't even put a scene showing Clark's internal struggle as if to show well yes we can see ambivalence but show there is something more. That he can show some innate compassion even for a clone. And of course Batman as usual is the best at everything...best leader, best mentor, best father, has the best protege who will leader...the Batworship in Timmverse was so blatant it got pretty aggravating for me as a fan of Superman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, even Wonder Woman,...as if these heroes were just stupid and usually OOC. I mean I like Batman too but not at the expense of the rest of the League.

I am hoping this show would try to be more balanced and treat every hero with respect and be true to their character. I am hoping the Superman/Superboy thing is resolved with some dignity and not dragged on and on cause we must have someone act like a jerk and let it be Superman. sigh

Greg responds...

Random responses to your post:

*Yes, you do seem impatient to me. But maybe that's just me.

*Actually, Superman DOES extend exactly a few words to Superboy.

*I don't think Superman's a d**k, and I don't think the series presents him as one... unless a viewer absolutely insists on looking at everything in the starkest black and white terms - which I don't.

*I think we've twice shown Clark's internal struggle, but we intentionally tried to do it with subtlety.

*I'm a big fan of Batman, but I can guarantee you that I'm just as big a fan of Superman. Humanizing the Man of Steel doesn't count as an attack on his character. Quite the reverse.

*It's not like we needed a token jerk and said, "Hey, let's use Superman as the jerk!" We didn't, and we didn't. We're just trying to be TRUE to his character and how we feel he would react to the situation. I get that you disagree, but as I've said earlier today: perhaps if you wait and see how this all plays out, you'll appreciate our approach. Perhaps not.

And finally, you didn't see that someone had already asked this question? Already addressed this on ASK GREG? You couldn't wait until you got my response to the first query on the topic before basically repeating the complaint? I've got no problem with a second post on a subject if my answer seems incomplete or doesn't satisfy, but you didn't even wait to see if that would be the case. So instead, what you get is more or less a repeat of what I typed up earlier today. Your time is wasted. My time is wasted. Ask Greg's readers' time is wasted. And the queue just gets longer and longer.

I should really stop answering questions for a bit. I can tell I'm getting cranky.

Response recorded on March 11, 2011