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Greg Bishansky writes...

I've written a lot in the past about why Demona is my favorite character, what it is about her that speaks to me and fascinates me. I've always been interested in why some characters are favorites for other people.

I've read a while back that you said that Black Canary is probably your all time favorite comic book character. So, I'm curious, what is it about Black Canary that interested and fascinated you to put her at the top of a list like that, with so many other characters potentially fighting for a top spot like that?

Greg responds...

The short answer is that I just think she kicks ass. Strong, in all sense of the word, without being a "Man-in-Drag" superhero. And I like that her power level isn't through the roof. I can take or leave her Canary Cry, though I don't shy away from using it when it makes sense for her to do so, but it's the way she's trained herself. I also always really liked her relationship to Green Arrow, who's another favorite of mine. I like her ties to the old Justice Society (even if nowadays, those original connections were really her mother's) and I even like the retconning that makes her her own daughter and establishes that she trained with guys like Wildcat. I like the legacy hero idea. Plus - I'll admit - she's hot.

I guess the SHORTER answer is: "What's NOT to like?"

Response recorded on March 16, 2011