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H13 writes...

Just want to make some comments on what seems to be one of the major things in the last few episodes. Superman/Superboy dynamic.
I think it's good to see Superman is not Mr Perfect/Infallible and can't handle a situation that for once does not call for super speed or heat vision. But it's clear his side is not being shown and maybe that is unfortunate. I expect fear is a major factor here and imagine being last of your race and knowing you can't have kids with humans and suddenly you're faced with Batman telling you have be a father to a clone who could very well be someone bred to take you down. Fear that you can't or will fail Conner. Must bring up so much emotion regarding his own biological father and dead planet. It's a bit much for anyone. Shame you couldn't show some of his reasons.Might have made it more balanced. Batman is not the one to convince Clark in my mind anyway. I think this is where Pa Kent comes in big time. Maybe to some extent Diana and J'onn who seem from the start Clark's sounding boards/close friends. But kudos to you for bringing up an issue that I am sure many youngsters do have to face and we feel empathy for Conner.

My other thing is I hope we see Artemis very soon. Miss Martian is getting on my nerves. There needs to be some more girls to balance off her and soon.

Greg responds...

Well, I wish we had hour long episodes that would give me the flexibility to show more for ALL our characters. But ultimately, the series is about the teens, not the adults. So we aren't going to see too much of Superman's struggle from Superman's point of view. And the fact that Superboy can't SEE the struggle from HIS pov is part of the point.

By now, hopefully, you've seen Artemis. As ALWAYS planned, she premiered on schedule in episode 6.

Response recorded on March 16, 2011