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flame burner deluxe writes...

but you helped with the creation of gargoyles and what-not. so somewhere in your mind you subconsciously made him gay. I've been watching the episodes repeatedly and in none of them does he show any semblance of homosexuality so why did this change during the comics?

Greg responds...

This didn't "change during the comics". Hell, the comics appeared over a decade after this thought struck me. I discovered that I believed Lexington was gay during the production of the series and was very careful to write him consistently with what already seemed clear to me and to MANY other people. ON THE SERIES. I'm not sure what exactly you're expecting to see that qualifies as "semblance of homosexuality"? Some cliche? Some outward admission of something he wasn't yet clear on himself? If that's the case, then you're right, it's not there. But I believe he's been written consistently from DAY ONE through the animated series and into the comics - where, for the record, he still isn't clear on his sexuality, let alone come out to anyone.

Response recorded on March 30, 2011