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Richard Jackson writes...

Hello Greg,

Some questions about the Pukhan Clan in Korea...

1. Do you remember how you came up with the name of Pukhan for the clan? I'm aware of the real life Pukhan Mountain near Seoul. If you named the clan after the mountain, how did you hear of the mountain? It's known in Korea, but it's not the most famous or tallest mountain in the country. The South is 70% mountains.

2. I noted this on Pukhan's (the area) page on GargWiki, but do you know that "Pukhan" means North Korea? That's what the South calls the North. "Puk" (or "buk", it's a "b" sound) means "north". "Han" means "Korea". If I told Koreans that I want to visit Pukhan without adding "mountain", they would think I wanted to visit the nation of North Korea. The mountain was named Pukhan because it's located near the northern tributary of the Han River.

Greg responds...

1. I honestly don't remember. I DO recall that I researched it and that it seemed right to me, but beyond that...

2. I had this vague memory that it's right on or near the border between North and South. Am I misremembering?

Response recorded on March 31, 2011