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Anonymous writes...

1. Is Zeta-tubing how Artemis got to Gotham in the end of episode 6?
What was she doing there, why was Red Arrow(love the new costume by the way) there, and how did he know to find here there?

2. Is Red Arrow unofficialy part of the Young Justice roster? Because in Infiltrator the computer was like B-06 when he entered Mount Justice.

3.Why didn't we find out Artemis' real name in Infiltrator?

4. Oh last question when Robin was flipping out about them getting the Waynetech data where was he worried they would get into? And why didnt he tell Superboy where he was worried they would get into.

By the way my mind was blown when Cheshire knew Artemis.

Greg responds...

1. Yes, she used a Zeta-Tube to get to Gotham, which is where she lives with her mother. As for Red Arrow: "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT."

2. He's officially allowed into the Cave, which is what the computer recognizes.

3. Cuz we wanted to save the revelation for "Downtime".

4. Come on... what do you THINK he was worried about? Yep, that's right.

Response recorded on March 31, 2011