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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Infiltrator comments:

1- Last one first- I noticed in the credits that three characters had special creator credits- Batman, Miss Martian and Cheshire. Why do some characters have special credits? (I get that some contracts might have been less 'work for hire' than others, but I can't imagine Kane (or his estate) having more control than Schuster & Segal did back in the day (or their estates now), especially considering that Superboy was not one of the specially credited characters, and IIRC Schuster and/or Segal's family actually won in court that they owned the character and he literally died in continuity until DC could sort that one out.)

2- Artimas' interaction with Cheshire and the Light reminds me a little of Cass (Batgirl) and the League of Assasins. More interesting is that she has some sort of relationship with Cheshire, when in the print universe Roy was err... involved with her.

3- Interesting- M'gan has siblings (of some sort) on Mars. I figure asking if she's a White or Green Martian is a "Wait and see" type of question. Would it be a legit question to ask if Mars has a living population in the YJ universe? (just to be clear, if so, I'm asking that ;)

4- What made you have Roy choose Red Arrow over Arsenal as his new code name?

5- Do I read correctly that Speedy, Robin and Aqualad where aquanted with Speedy before the League membership debacle? They, and by extension the rest of the group, seem to relate to him as a friend and someone they worked with in the past and not someone they crossed paths with once.

6- The destroyed weapon- did the stolen data survive the destruction of the device? I would assume that Star Labs stuff would have been downloaded, but the partial attack on Wayne Industries could still be in the device.

Greg responds...

1. This practice is the call of DC Comics legal department, and I'll admit it's a source of curiosity and sometimes perplexity for us as well. I mean, we'd love to credit EVERY character's creator, but we have so many characters it could get a little crowded on that card. And we're not entirely clear why some get the credit and some don't. Great question, though. If you learn a definitive answer, please let me know.

2. ...



5. Speedy was well-acquainted with Speedy. ;) Anyway, yes, all four of those sidekicks knew each other before. Some were closer than others. Aqualad and Speedy were pretty good friends. Kid Flash and Robin are very good friends. But July 4th was the first time all four of them had been in the same place at the same time.

6. The Wayne intel was not acquired by the League of Shadows. The STAR and MBU materials were.

Response recorded on April 07, 2011