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Sara writes...

Like the answered poster before me, this is more of a comment (make that plural, 'comments') rather than a question. Firstly, I would like to say that the show has proved amazing, in terms of animation, storytelling, dialogue, and character portrayal. So bravo, and encore! Anyway, there are several issues I'd like to comment on in particular, some positive and some admittedly negative:

1. When I'd heard that Aqualad was going to be team leader, I confess I was upset. But the way that played out was done very well, and I like Kaldur in the role. He's proven to be strong, wise, and levelheaded. If/when Robin takes over, I won't be disappointed to see him bearing the title either (though I hope Kaldur doesn't die in order for that to happen; not that I've seen or heard any hints that say he will, but when dealing with DC Comics, one can never be too careful) -- but in the meantime, I'm impressed with Aqualad as leader.

2. I like Miss Martian's character. I was afraid her personality would be gotten wrong somehow, but you've written her spot on. I was also fearful that her voice wouldn't suit her; however, Danica McKellar really brings out M'gann's naivete and innocence. While I'm at it, the same goes for Roy Harper: he's my top favourite DC hero, and you've really done him justice by bringing out his angry, rebellious side, but also making sure to show that he still cares for his friends. And Crispin Freeman is amazing as Roy.

3. I love the romantic triangle between Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash (I'm a sucker for romance). But the recent Kid Flash/Artemis hints from 'Denial' are killing me. I'm not fond of Artemis's character (sorry, but there it is), and she and Wally seem painfully mismatched to me. I just can't see Wally with a 'spitfire.' Not a fan...

4. I've heard Wonder Girl is going to show up, and I have my fingers crossed that it's going to be Donna Troy. I suppose it will be exciting to finally see a Wonder GIRL (Wonder Woman's had plenty of screentime) on an awesome show, either way -- that is to say if it's Cassie Sandsmark and not Donna. But I'll still be disappointed if it's not the latter. That said, the hopeless romantic in me also has my fingers crossed to see at least some, if not plenty of, romantic tension between Roy Harper and Donna Troy.

Greg responds...

1. Great!

2. We agree!

3. Sorry, but there is no triangle and there never was. Not in any of the characters (or creators) minds. Kid Flash is oblivious to Miss Martian's interest in Superboy. He doesn't know it, but he was never in the running. Miss Martian is not quite sure what to make of Kid Flash's hitting on her, but she never had any interest in him beyond the platonic. She likes Wally but was ATTRACTED to Superboy (and vice versa) from moment one. I think that's what happens sometimes. Sometimes two people just lock on. I'm not saying it's "Love at First Sight". But it's teen-crush at first sight. And it's moved forward from there. (Deeper feelings may come later.) People have accused us online of following a trope of good girl falling for bad boy, but they're missing that moment in "Fireworks" when they both immediately click. At that moment, M'gann had no idea Superboy was a bad boy. He was - to her, anyway - just, well, hot. Her ideal. As for Supey, Miss M. was pretty much the first girl (as opposed to woman) he had ever seen, and he locked on her as well, though he had no idea what to do with those feelings... and at times acted badly in part because of them (and because of his density). I mean you don't want a girl reading your mind, when what's on your mind is her, and you're not sure if she reciprocates. Every time he behaves badly, he struggles to make it right. And she seems quite empathetic toward his background and baggage, so she gives him a chance.

As for poor Wally and whether or not he winds up with Artemis (whom WE love, even if you don't)... you'll just have to wait and see.


Response recorded on April 14, 2011